Infection Control – 8 Hours

The Dental Board approves the Infection Control for License Renewal program at CDI of California. This program fulfills California dental license renewal requirements, and it adheres to the California Code of Regulations 1005. It must be noted that while this course fulfills the license renewal requirement for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants who are already registered in California, it currently does not meet the new eight-hour infection control education requirement for unlicensed dental assistants.

Learning Outcomes:

Create, implement and customize infection control, sterilization, and housekeeping protocols according to different dental settings.

Identify the quality and levels of obtained disinfection and sterilization – understand the difference in the indicator used by different sterilization products. Ensure optimal sterilization and disinfection of all dental instruments and surfaces.

Describe and implement quality control and minimum standards for infection control in dental settings.




Radiation Safety (X -ray licence)

8 hours Infection Control

Basic Life Support / CPR for Healthcare Providers