Full Description Of Lab And Clinical Portion Of Radiology Course:

After in-depth, interactive classroom sessions, the students will proceed to preclinical learning in the laboratory on manikins. Here, the students will learn to perform:

  • Two bitewing surveys where each survey comprises of at least four radiographs each
  • Two full-mouth surveys comprising of at least four bitewing and 14 periapical radiographs (one of the full-mouth radiographic series may be taken digitally)
  • One full-mouth series using the paralleling technique, and the other with the bisecting technique
  • Develop/process and mount or sequence exposed radiographs.

Both the student and instructor will evaluate the radiographs for diagnostic quality. Once a student has shown satisfactory performance on the manikin, they will be allowed to proceed for clinical training.

Clinical training includes radiograph exposure on at least four patients – with one of the four patients used for the clinical examination. Clinical and hands-on practice of the students will include:

  • Completion of 4 full-mouth periapical series consisting of at least 18 radiographs each – four of which should be bitewings
  • Completion of at least three digital full-mouth series.
  • Independent developing or processing, and mounting of exposed patient radiographs
  • Evaluation of radiographs by the instructors.
  • To pass the course, all the radiographs done by the students must be of satisfactory diagnostic quality.

All clinical patient radiographs will be undertaken at CDI. Dr. Sean Pierce will clinically examine each x-ray patient and review their medical/health statuses before radiation exposure. He will only issue a prescription for radiographic imaging if no contraindications are found. Each prescription will provide the following information:

  • Absence of contraindications in the patients for undergoing dental radiography
  • The number of exposures required: full-mouth series.
  • Radiographs will be taken and used for educational purposes in a supervised, clinical training environment.

X-Ray Patient Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • No more than one missing tooth per quadrant, excluding third molars
  • No history of cardiovascular or kidney problem
  • Must not be pregnant.
  • Must not be wearing any orthodontic appliances
  • Complete medical and dental history is available.
  • Patient willing to sign the consent form.
  • Must have an x-ray prescription from a licensed dentist.

Radiation Safety (X -ray licence)

8 hours Infection Control

Basic Life Support / CPR for Healthcare Providers